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A complete approach to rodent control


Bug Off!! your trusted rodent control experts
Bug Off!! will send a trained professional out to the property to identify, inspect and give you a free estimate for rodent treatment. The Enclosure portion of our Rodent Service is to:
- Identify rodent and rodent damage
- Inspect conditions conducive to rodents
- Seal/Close minor entry and exit points  

There’s significantly more effective rodent management than replenishing bait in stations or checking traps. Nevertheless, broadly stated, running stations is the norm. Despite the obvious importance of rodent control to a facility, cost pressure shapes and often limits the actual service performed. Time is money, and when there is a money constraint, there is also a time constraint.

The conventional approach to rodent removal involves setting up multiple lines of defense that often include bait stations along the perimeter (fence line) of the property, bait stations along the exterior perimeter of the structures, and stations (usually traps) indoors.

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