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Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC's commercial services focus on pest management of office buildings, business park areas, day-care facilities, restaurants, and many other types of commercial and industrial buildings. There is no compromise when it comes to pest control management for your business. Pests such as roaches, ants, or rodents could affect your business's reputation. Just one sighting of a pest issue could put in jeopardy your sanitary reputation and alienate your clientele. Contact us today for your commercial pest control services!


Pest can easily inhabit these facilities, establishing harborage areas, allowing the population to get out of control. Insects, birds, and rodents can contaminate and damage stock costing a considerable loss in customer confidence and revenue dollars. We offer a comprehensive program that includes preventative and corrective pest management measures uniquely designed for your facility.

Office Buildings

We realize it is important to understand that property management is responsible for satisfied tenants and keeping office spaces occupied. Insects and rodents can seriously deter clients. As a result, the loss of existing tenants can potentially lead to property damage and a tarnished reputation. We have the expertise to resolve the unique challenges of a pest infestation, where pest problems can spread rapidly. Our goal is prevention and focuses on reducing the likelihood of an infestation by addressing the conditions that attracted them in the first place. 


We use a common sense and sound solution approach where children's health is concerned. We use a holistic approach, and each pest issue is unique and will be based on the specific needs required for controlling a specific pest issue. We will assist in developing policy, designating pest management roles, setting objectives, inspect/identifying/monitoring, applying the least toxic measure to control pests, evaluating results, and documenting all findings.

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