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Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC is a locally owned and operated Albuquerque and Rio Rancho business. Here at Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC, we pride ourselves in our technical expertise, superior customer service, and affordable pricing. Our mission is to help people live healthy lives, which starts with a pest-free and healthy home. The safety of children, pets, and the environment is our number one priority.  Our customized pest control treatments penetrate the nesting and feeding areas of targeted pests in and around your home.

The products that we apply are among the safest and most effective products in the industry; they are coupled with safe application procedures and provide a simple yet effective scope of pest control service, so it is safe for your family and pets while delivering true results. Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC provides protection from pests year-round by regularly treating the exterior of your home, making it the more convenient pest control choice. All of this means Bug Off!! Pest Control protects your health and homelike no one else.

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We deliver results.When you choose Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC for professional pest control services to protect your home from pests, you choose experienced pest professionals dedicated to delivering the highest level of service, quality, and dependability in the pest control service industry. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes from having a safe, healthy, pest-free home.

BugOff!! Pest Services technicians are highly trained, clean-cut, and go above and beyond in providing superior service. Bug Off!! Pest Control LLC dedicates itself to finding technicians who are fulfilled when they do a job right the first time.

Service-Oriented Pest Control
We go above and beyond to assure you have the kind of service you will be glad to recommend to family, friends, and neighbors.  With flexible scheduling and dependable technicians, our team consistently serves at the highest level. Combining experienced, service-oriented individuals with advanced pest control technology is the way we deliver a top-notch service with real results.

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A structural approach
After eliminating pests from the inside of your home, we keep them out and prevent them from coming back by regularly maintaining a barrier of protection around the exterior (interior at your request) of your home.

Control of every type of pest
From ants, spiders, scorpions, wasps, bed bugs, and roaches to mice and rats, we can customize our service to control every type of pest at your home. We use the highest quality products specifically designed for the pests we are seeking to control and prevent. At Bug Off!! Pest Control Experts, we use proven methods for superior results.

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